BARCELONA DANCE GRAN PRIX June 2014 International Dance Competition.

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BARCELONA DANCE GRAN PRIX June 2014 International Dance Competition.

Dance Schools/Groups, is inviting participants, directors, choreographers, 
dancers, performing arts educators, teachers, arts managers and dance/theatre lovers!

Dance Competitions/ Showcases for emerging & established Dance Schools, 
Companies and Groups from all over the World,  from the 11th June - 15th June 2014, Summer Holiday Time.

4 days of Dance, Ballet, Contemporary, Modern, Hip Hop and each other kind of dance arts, 
Dance Team Showcases & International dance performance competition.

We kindly ask you to  distribute our news through your electronic network or printing out and hanging our 
postage/news/photos/material up at public places at your eventual dance halls or studios.

Schools/Departments/Groups participant will receive a
complete production package, 
which includes: various performances, lighting, sound, technical assistance, a professional level 
of publicity, pre-show rehearsal arrangements, printed materials, printed programs, and hotel 
accommodation based on two/three persons sharing twin bedded rooms with private bath/shower.
The participation includes:
1- Artistic Participation in DANCE GRAND PRIX BARCELONA.
2- Four nights accommodation in three stars Hotel.
3- Full board in Hotel or in the Restaurants near the theatres after the Shows.
4- Assistance of festival managers in the theatres. 
5- Reserved seats on the theatres during the Shows.
6- Transport organisation during the festival, following theatrical commitments.
7- Transport organisation from Barcelona Airports to hotel locations.

ONLY A LITTLE FEE TO PARTICIPATE! order to be the protagonist of a great DANCE TOURNÉE in Europe!

Each showcase is a unique
blend of distinguished choreographers and dancers from around the world.
Go to the DANCE GRAND PRIX BARCELONA site by clicking on this link:
Warm regards,

To find out how to qualifye, mail the office: space is limited, so Dance Directors should act right away.

If interested, give us your e.mail contact to discuss any questions you may have.  
please send to the organizer E-Mail: <> 


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